Proposed Hoylake Golf Resort

This website has been set up by local people in response to the proposed Hoylake Golf Resort
  • to air concerns about the development
  • to ensure that those concerns are properly dealt with.

Save Tip Lane Campaign
Save Tip Lane
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A very limited consultation was held in November/December 2015.
See for (some) further information.

Concerns expressed about the current plans are
  • Invalid consultation: Wirral Council has not followed legal requirements in its approach to consultation, e.g. very little information has been provided, so no valid consultation has yet been carried out - see here.
  • The Tip Lane cycle track would be scrapped - see here.
  • There would be building of residential houses on Green Belt land - the Wirral Society has strong reservations about this - see
  • The international visitors would increase the Wirral's carbon footprint in breach of Wirral Council's commitment and the national commitment to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Whether the golf course would be built in accord with RSPB guidelines
  • Increased motor traffic on the local roads especially Saughall Massie Road
  • No attempt to protect pedestrians and cyclists from this increased motor traffic on Saughall Massie Road
  • No segregated cycle track / footway on the proposed new road from Hoylake to Saughall Massie Road

Since the councillors and officers of Wirral Council are not following proper democratic procedures, the development should be opposed until they do.